The secrets rooms

The true architectural theme of Palazzo Piccolomini is its relationship with nature and the landscape.  From the portico on the rear, unfolds an extraordinary view of the Valdorcia and Monte Amiata.  Inserted into this panorama, on the ground floor of the palazzo, a square-shaped garden bound by walls with a well in the middle, is the first hanging garden of the Renaissance.
This situation lends this place a symbolic, architectural and blissful value, one of harmonious life amidst nature (from “Pienza, city of Pius” by Jan Pieper).

On the ground floor, the inner courtyard and rooms present the architectural structure; several exhibition stations illustrate Pius II’s ambitious humanist project for the ideal city.  The first floor is the location of the appartamento nobile where the halls open onto the rooms:  the dining room, the music room, the study, the weapons room, the library, and several bedrooms, including that of Enea himself.  The piano nobile rooms are furnished with antiques of the period, paintings, objets d’art, and many tokens of a past that still remains intact.